Educational DVD (Includes Public Performance Rights)

2016 | U.S./Mexico | 48mins

Director: Francisco Alarcon
Director of Photography: Jesse Such
Interviewers: Macrina Alarcon, Renee Such
Research Consultant: Rafael Alarcon
Producers: Deni Alarcon, Jesse Such, Majel AlJonaid
Associate Producers: Thom Gillespi, Edward Kissam, Joann Tili.

What happens to children when their parents are deported?

The Deportation of Innocence takes us on a journey into the experiences of four U.S.-born children and their immigrant families as they come to terms with deportation and the long-lasting effects this has had on their lives. For the children, this can mean growing up with an absentee parent, moving to a foreign country to reunite with their parents, being placed in foster care and in the most dire cases, being put up for adoption. This film takes us deep into the struggle of these American children as they are caught in the political crossfire between two nations.

Important note: This streaming agreement version of "The Deportation of Innocence" includes Public Performance Rights and allows the licensee to stream the film for an unlimited number of times for a classroom-sized audience, as long as no admission is charged, for one year. For more information contact us at

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